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I am an engineer in the Boston area, but I can't tell you my date of birth or my mother's maiden name due to my concern with privacy, described in the politics section of my site. So why have a web site at all? To save the world. No, actually just to promote progress. The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable man attempts to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man. --George Bernard Shaw Most unreasonable men (or women) are just unreasonable, but a few of us actually can contribute to progress. Take a look at the technology sections of the site for some unreasonably effective methods. Non-technical? Check out my slant on everyday life or the book reviews of non-technical books that I recommend.

New! We took a trip to Cambodia, Singapore, and Paris in February 2013, and the latest additions to the website are some new pages about the trip, mainly covering Cambodia.

At work I work in the areas of algorithm and software development, and we use some highly effective scripting-language-based methods. At home I do occasional software work, including some mailing list stuff which gets harder every year as mail servers try to stop spam. If software interests you, check out my technology page. A recent addition to my site is fun with polygraphs telling about polygraph exams I have taken and how they work (or not).

Of course a personal web page should also have some more good quotes, some controversial issues, description of your family and hobbies, and even a few good links. My wife Laura is a sometime high-tech worker inclined to reading books and creating art. Our kids Kate and Matt have finished college and are on to bigger and better things, but still in this area. If you can't get enough of this kind of stuff (or you are a relative or close friend of the family), check out the family details.

You can't beat religion and politics for controversy, right? Actually, I see quite a few societal problems in these areas, but my goal is definitely not to create controversy, nor even to be unreasonable. This site does include the true story of my fight to clear my name after being framed by criminals! It's not completely done yet, but I can't say any more right now. Stay tuned.

As far as hobbies go, I sometimes like to look for satellites in my back yard. No, we don't expect too many flaming re-entries there; you can actually see satellites in orbit with the naked eye on clear nights. If you want to see some satellites yourself, check out my satellite observing page. My winter hobbies are snowboarding and log splitting; if you want advice on dealing with large logs, check out my log page. Another occasional hobby is fossil hunting.

Page last updated January 2, 2014.
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